Our dream is to create transitional-housing for recovery with a more hands-on and homeopathic approach through occupational therapy, mentoring, and the cultivation of tea.

Camellia Mountain Inc. will provide opportunities, support, and services for individuals recovering from addiction in order to improve the success for a sober lifestyle during community reintegration.

We hope to eventually have multiple locations. Each will include sober living residential space, life skills training, peer and community mentor programs, community connections, community training related to stigma, and part-time employment opportunities.  At this time we do not have land and we are actively looking!

The participants of Camellia Mountain will grow, harvest, and process tea and tisanes for part-time employment, work skills training, therapeutic healing, and sustainability of the program.

The participants will receive life skills training from an occupational therapist focusing on topics to increase their independence and success with sober living and reintegration into the larger community. Each participant will be matched with a group of mentors to provide support and encouragement during this transition and they will be connected with community resources such as other mental health professionals or higher education options. Camellia Mountain will also provide community education sessions related to the stigma of individuals recovering from addictions.   

The women will have to pass randomized drug screens and the living environment will be checked once per week to ensure good stewardship. They will be required to pay for their own groceries, assist with utilities, and pay rent. They will be required to pass drug tests, complete at least 10 hours of paid or volunteer work with the tea, volunteer for community projects, participate in occupational therapy services as needed, attend other medical, mental, and/or legal appointments, and eventually obtain another part-time job or enroll and attend classes to further their education.

They will be ready to move out and graduate when they obtain full-time employment for a company apart from the nonprofit, demonstrate financial stability to support themselves, or obtain a certificate or degree from a higher education program.   

Camellia Mountain has decided to enter the tea business because it will be healthy for the participants of the program, the community, and the environment.  According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. incorporated, the United States is the third-largest importer of tea and it is the second leading beverage worldwide. This business is unique because there is no other tea farm in West Virginia.

Individuals, especially millennials, are becoming more supportive of farm to table and locally grown initiatives and are curious about the sources of their food’s ingredients. Consumers are also becoming more health conscious and choosing the healthy benefit of tea over sugary drinks such as soda. Furthermore, consumers will be interested in supporting a company that is fighting the current opioid crisis that our country is facing.

Camellia Mountain will grow a variety of herbal ingredients such as mint, chamomile, ginger, lemongrass, lavender, skull cap, valerian root, stevia, ect. to design artisan teas in order to support the consumer’s needs such as calmness, energy, or immune support etc. These are used to make Tisanes or Herbal Tea. 

While the tisanes will be available after one growing season, the actual tea will not be ready for harvest until three to five years from initial planting. However, there may be small harvests that can be provided for a limited time. Camellia Mountain will sell the final product to Recovery Tea which will be a for-profit company that will market and sell the tea and tisanes to the public.  Recovery Tea will then donate proceeds back to Camellia Mountain. 

Camellia Mountain strives to create a positive impact on the recovery movement, family structure, workforce development, and economy for West Virginia.