We need a new home.

Transparency is very important to us so we wanted to keep all of our supporters up to date on the decisions we’ve made and the recent changes.

Recently, Camellia Mountain has decided to move off of Gloria’s House Ministries property, leaving our MOU. Our two groups continue to support the mission of working with individuals recovering from addiction, but we are planning on working with people in different phases of recovery. We believe that both programs will be an asset to West Virginia in the future. Camellia Mountain hopes to keep our relationship open and we wish them luck in their endeavors.

Leaving the farm means we have no home! We do however have over 1,000 tea plants living the good life in a church in Athens. The issue is these babies are getting big and need to be repotted, so we are looking for a new and hopefully permanent home that can hopefully offer us space for our tea farm and the sober living society we want to build.

We refuse to give up! We know we can make this happen.


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