We’re Legit! – and other good news.



This project has felt very real to the board and our supporters for a long time now, but as of April 16th (which happened to have been our Secretaries birthday) we are 5013c legit! This is a really big deal for Camellia Mountain because we are launching a crowdfunding campaign in May and there are grants we had to hold off on applying for because they wanted us to have non-profit status first.

In other good news, a birthday party was held as a fundraiser by Candice, our Secretary of the Board, to share what we at Camellia Mountain are trying to accomplish and to raise a little bit of money for the cause.

We will be sending out more about the crowdfunding campaign in May. We are getting all the details together. Until then we are excited and as always, raring to go!

If you haven’t seen our Facebook page yet, check it out!

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